Vera Tweed

Every month, I write a supplement section in Better Nutrition Magazine. Check it out here.

See what I said in Amazing Wellness Magazine about
Supplements & Drugs: Do They Get Along?

I sometimes speak about how to work with the media, becauses of my background, and write feature stories about healthy living, like the ones below.

Read my cover story
Read my cover story
Read my cover story
Boost Calorie Burn With
7-Keto. Read my story.
In addition, I produce a variety of other content in print and digital media, as a writer, ghostwriter for experts, editor or consultant, and may provide art direction. My services include researching and developing original content or repurposing and repackaging existing material for online or print media, for consumer or business audiences. The products I develop include:
  • special issues of magazines
  • ghostwritten material by experts
  • technical articles
  • trend reports in specialized industry journals
  • books
  • special reports
  • web pages
  • print and e-newsletters
  • blogs

When I ghostwrite, you don't see my name ... that 's the nature of ghosts.

See a list of my articles in specialized healthcare industry journals in PubMed, the U.S. National Libary of Medicine, National Institutes of Health.
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