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About Vera Tweed

journalist, author, original content creator and manager, ghostwriter

Vera Tweed has been working in digital and print publishing for over 25 years, as a journalist, website content creator, magazine and book editor, blogger, ghostwriter, and content manager.

Topics she has covered in depth include natural health (dietary supplements, healthy diets, food, fitness, and other aspects of a healthy lifestyle), integrative medicine, employee benefit programs, innovative foods and beverages, beauty products, agriculture, and finance.

In addition to writing for digital media, Tweed has been the editor of six magazines, multiple newsletters, and a producer of radio and TV content. Her accomplishments include:

  • Author of well over 2,000 magazine articles, 2 health books, ebooks, and articles about the business of healthcare and other topics.
  • Interviews with hundreds of experts and reporting on more than 2,000 studies for consumer media outlets.
  • Ghostwriter for over 50 experts, including expert answers to consumer questions, in-depth articles, 5 books about health, and 2 books about finance.

Currently, Tweed is editorial director for Natural Health Connections, a contributor to health publications, and works on a variety of custom projects.

If you are interested in working with Vera Tweed, she can be reached here.

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